Relationship Intel

A Growing City, A Shifting Business Climate

It should come as no surprise to hear that Nashville is a growing city. Consistently ranking among the top five for Best Cities to Launch a Business, Hottest U.S. Job Markets, and Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas, Music City is where business gets done.

In such a high-growth market, some business leaders may be focusing so much on attracting new clients that they neglect their existing customer relationships. Losing a client because you’ve taken the eye off the ball sure can sting, shrinking the prospect pool and damaging your reputation. Nashville may be growing, but it’s still small enough for word to get around.

Introducing Relationship Intel (RI)

Fortunately, Clancy Partners has developed Relationship Intel (RI), a qualitative research service and communications tool that represents the next step in reputation management.

We talk to your clients on your behalf and deliver their feedback to you in an accessible, easy-to-read report complete with built-in quantitative components, interpretations of what we’ve heard, and recommendations for future action.

By helping you better understand the nuances of your customers’ needs, RI can identify new sources of value creation, hunt down existing trouble spots, and fuel your organization’s strategic planning.

How RI Works

RI moves through four phases to ensure your client relationships are robust and productive:

Game Plan. First, we meet with you and other leaders in your organization to generate targeted interview questions for your existing clients.

Client Interviews. Clancy Partners schedules and engages in focused, dynamic, in-depth conversations with your clients to produce valuable insights. We will represent your organization with integrity, curiosity, and a focus on strengthening your most important relationships.

Analysis and Reporting. We analyze the findings, create a report with predictions and recommendations for future actions, and present this to you.

Follow-up. When people say they want help with their business strategy, rarely do they consider the hard work of implementing it. That’s why we provide ideas about how to best enact our recommended changes and help you find creative solutions.

Why Us?

In a word, experience. Chris and Paige Clancy boast a combined 48 years of writing, journalism, research, marketing, teaching, and advisory experience, as well as a combined 41 years in Nashville. We know the language of business and we know the local landscape.

With our extensive background in storytelling and analysis, we will synthesize our findings to provide you with actionable steps and identify opportunities you may not have otherwise uncovered.

Yes, you could hire a research firm to conduct a data-rich campaign to find out where you stand with clients. We believe the RI is versatile enough to complement such an endeavor, offering a fuller picture of what your clients and other stakeholders really think.

And yes, you could take time out of your own schedule to reach out to existing clients. But human nature dictates that criticism is easier to give when you’re giving it to an impartial third party. We don’t mind asking the hard questions and we don’t mind playing “devil’s advocate” when it comes to uncovering the truth of your client relationships.

Clancy Partners has long maintained that, at its core, marketing is journalism about one’s own company. RI is the investigative journalism piece.

Bottom line, RI saves you time and helps secure—and grow—your revenue.

Let’s Get to Work

If you’re ready to take the next step forward in company reputation management, we’re here for you. Contact us, and let’s get to work.

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